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Basement Medics Waterproofing Services

Everyone knows that an ongoing problem with new homes and old homes alike are waterproofing issues in any area of a property that is below ground.


In order to fix a problem we believe you should understand the problem!


For this reason we provide the following information to each homeowner so you know exactly what you are up against.


First of all, the Home Inspection Census announced that up to 98% of all basements will eventually leak do to builder neglect. Re-grading your property and extending your downspouts to navigate water away from close proximity of your home will only go so far.


If you think of how your home was build, a hole was dug into the ground, a structure was formed, and then the backfill was placed to fill the area between your structure and the hole itself. And while it may take 5 or even 10 years for water to penetrate through the new foundation it inevitably will leak if not properly waterproofed.


French Drain Installation

You may have read about hydrostatic pressure, which is the primary reason for water penetration in your basement. The pressure is formed by ground water building up in your soil and making its way between the floor slab and footer joints. A french drain and sump pump may be the solution here.


A secondary reason for water penetration in your basement is known as pooling, which is caused by water penetration from saturation of the soil that pushes against your subterranean walls. If you see a powdery substance on interior foundation walls or smell mold or mildew, you may have a waterproofing need.


Contact us today and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding dampness, moisture or water in your basement or crawlspace.


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