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Basement Waterproofing & Crawlspace Waterproofing Services

When the basement of your home or commercial property is musty and wet, it isn’t merely an inconvenience—it could very well set the stage for health problems as well as costly structural damage.

The good news is, with a basement waterproofing system from Basement Medics, LLC, you can totally restore the condition of your basement, keeping it safe and dry for many years to come. That's right! Not only will the smells and damp discomfort vanish, but your entire basement area will be inhospitable to mold and a much safer for occupants.

Our licensed foundation contractors have more than 30 years of experience constructing quality, effective crawlspace waterproofing systems and basement waterproofing systems for both residential and commercial buildings across Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA as well as Mercer County, NJ!

Water seeping into the basement of a home in need of help from a professional waterproofing company

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While the reasons for basement waterproofing remain the same, the methods used to attain those goals can vary from one basement waterproofing contractor to the next. At Basement Medics, we believe a proactive approach is the best way to seal off your basement leaks and curb any further fallout. Rather than follow some pre-set, cookie-cutter diagram, we design each of our basement waterproofing systems in correlation to your distinct needs. That way, you’ll get the right process for the right problem, including:

Common Causes of Basement Moisture

Though there can be an array of causes of a damp basement, it all begins with moisture penetrating your home’s foundation. Here are a few common causes to consider:

First of all, the Home Inspection Census announced that up to 98% of all basements will eventually leak due to builder neglect. Re-grading your property and extending your downspouts to navigate water away from the close proximity of your home will only go so far.

Consider how your home was built, a hole was dug into the ground, a structure was formed, and then the backfill was placed to fill the area between your structure and the hole itself. And while it may take 5 or even ten years for water to penetrate through this newly laid foundation, it inevitably will leak if not properly waterproofed.

You may have read about hydrostatic pressure, which is the primary reason for water penetration in your basement. The pressure is formed by groundwater building up in your soil and working its way between the floor slab and footer joints. A french drain and sump pump installation may be the solution here.

A secondary reason for water penetration in your basement is known as pooling. This is caused by water penetration from the saturation of the soil that pushes against your subterranean walls. If you see a powdery substance on interior foundation walls or smell mold or mildew, you may have a waterproofing need.

Turn to Basement Medics for Quality Waterproofing Services

French Drain Installation

As a trusted and affordable basement contractor fully licensed in both PA and NJ, Basement Medics offers an array of services for preventing wet basements, including carbon filter foundation repair and dehumidifier installation, in Bucks County, Mercer County, and throughout Montgomery County.

Another popular technique for waterproofing your basement is made possible by French drain systems. These interior drainage systems work by collecting water as it enters your basement and funneling it out of your building before any damage can be done.

To ensure the effective operation of your French drain system, our pros will cut a trench around the interior perimeter of your basement floor and install a perforated pipe, covering it with gravel and concrete for a durable, smooth finish.

Any water that tries to penetrate your foundation will then collect in the embedded pipes and flow to a sump pump, where it will be expelled from the building with no harm done. This is just one example of how Basement Medics can help you eliminate your basement leaks and help you enjoy a safe, dry basement.

If you own a home or business in Newtown, Feasterville, or Hatboro and are experiencing issues with dampness or moisture in your basement or crawlspace, set up a free basement waterproofing estimate by contacting us today.

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